More than a decade of experience in PHP, MySQL and other PHP Technologies


  • Technology PHP
  • Databases MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Client side Scripting JavaScript , Ajax, JQuery
  • Frameworks & CMS tools Code Igniter, CAKE PHP, , Joomla, Mambo, Smarty, Google
  • Maps, Bing Maps, Twillio, Virtuemart, Prestashop, Payment
  • Integrations (Paypal,Realex Payment,ACH Transactions),
  • Facebook application
  • Web designing tools Adobe Photoshop, GIMP(Linux) Fireworks MX
  • Development Tools PHP Eclipse Editor, Blue Fish Editor, Dreamweaver
  • Process Tools Rational suite, DB Designer, UML
  • Platforms Linux(Fedora, Red Hat), Windows


India GSL Technology: PHP, MySQL, CI,JS

  •  12  Months, Team Size: 8
  • This is a Logistic project where the complete Inbound and Outbound logistics operations are automated

Ultimate Yearbook Technology: PHP, MySQL, CI, Facebook API, CRON, fPDF

  •  4  Months, Team Size: 4
  • Ultimate Year book is the website that is to create Year Book from the Facebook details such as Friends,
  • Walls, Messages, Likes, Fan pages and other details. Face API fetches the details from the Facebook account. Data from face
  • book database is fetched and stored in ultimate yearbook database to create the yearbook. Converted to PDF yearbook

BoxyPay Technology PHP,MySQL,CodeIgniter,ACH Transactions,Pay

  • Paypal, Alert Pay, Duration 4 Months, Team Size 6, Role Technical Lead
  • BoxyPay is an online payment platform similar to the functions of the websites like, paypal, xoom.com, ikobo.com. BoxyPay Transfer will host a payment gateway similar to that of the functionality of paypal that can allow web merchants to connect to BoxyPay.com website and allow their customers (i.e. BoxyPay account holders) to pay for the services or goods purchased on merchants’ website. The website will match user account for send money with primary (verified) phone and/or verified email address. The users of this site can also able to receive money from other BoxyPay users and can able to withdraw money from BoxyPay account to their Bank account, as check. The merchants (BoxyPay Users) can able to configure their store into the website

Andhimazhai Portal Technology Core PHP, PostgreSQL, JavaScript

  • Duration 6 Months, Team Size 8, Role Developer, www.andhimazhai.com
  • Unicode based Tamil Portal has core modules are Profile Management, Blogs (Visual, Written), News, College Directory, Search profile, Stories, Novels, Poems Administration to control these modules. Profile Management’s used connect and communicate the people who register on the portal. Blogs helps users to create their own written and visual blogs

Sacred Heart College -Thirupathur

  • Technology PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Dreamweaver MX,Tortoise CVS
  • Duration 5 Months, Team Size 5, Role Developer,  www.shctpt.edu
  • This is the web portal for the Sacred HeartCollege Thirupathur. The Website is fully done in PHP which provides with Content Manger, Image Gallery Manager, Student and Staff Manager, Academic and Curriculum Management with Result Publication

Friends of Fr.Guezou Technology PHP, MySQL, Flash, French Language

3 Months, Team Size 2, Role Developer,  www.guezou.org

This Web site is developed for the sponsors from France to the Don Bosco Centre .It Includes features such as Online shopping , Gallery , Rich Content Management Interface to manage the Contents

CSU- Trouble Ticketing System

Technology PHP, Mysql. Joomla, 1 Month

Team Size 4 Role Developer

Application in PHP is done the private company to track and Manage the complaints from the Different users who are in the company. Application provides the interface to send and track different issues from users of different levels

Ozeri Online Shopping Technology PHP, JavaScript,Flash

2 Weeks, Team Size 2, URL www.ozeri.com

 The website is done for the commercial organization which sells the Home Electronic Gadgets. The complete website is done with. HTML ,PHP, Flash and JavaScript with Image Animation of the products and the Menus

Engagement Kings Technology PHP, SMARTY Template Engine

Duration 1 Month,  Role Technical Lead, Developer, Team Size 4

A web application developed for the clients who make and sell “Diamond Wedding Rings” to manage the details and the costs about the “Diamonds”. Fully done in PHP and Smarty Template Engine

Purchase Connect Technology PHP, SMARTY Template Engine, Google Map API,

Tvillo Call, Duration 1 Month, Team Size 4, Role Technical Lead, Developer, URL www.purchaseconnect.com

Description Website to for the Realtors who Buy and sell the Properties. It provides an interface to the users to see the approved locations in Map. Has facility to make private and conference call to the clients from the website using Tvilo.


  • MTS Josephs School
  • Cresent College
  • Don Bosco School Kolkata
  • Sambalpur Diocese
  • FMM Chennai
  • FMM India
  • Chingleput Diocese Missionaries of the SHJM


  • www.mtstjoseph.edu.in
  • www.shctpt.edu
  • www.fmachennai.org
  • www.fmmindia.org
  • www.chengaidiocese.org
  • www.msscc.in
  • www.saintmichealusa.org
  • www.sjsveppoor.edu.in
  • www.salemdiocese.org
  • www.vellorediocese.org

Technology PHP-Map Script, PostgreSQL-PostGIS, JavaScript, WinCVS, CAKE PHP,  Duration 2 to 4 months

Team Size 2, Role Developer, Description The web applications were developed for different school and organization which have similar features. Most of the websites developed for Content Management with Systems, List of meetings, Events documents, Newsletter and Dynamic PDF Creation, Diocesan activities and Job corner